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 On these pages you will find the information how i can be of service to you and for your vessel ofcourse. From my early youth i am always involved with water and watersports and i am already more than 10 years working on various ports and docks all across The Netherlands, which work involves both newly build ships, maintenance and even difficult repeairs. Since a short period of time i am trying to startup my own firm in this and i can serve you with a lof of skilled advise and consultancy and ofcourse help you with all upcoming work on and for your ship, boat or vessel. Because of all the gathered contacts in this area and the great world of watersports i can help you with all the problems that may occur for your vessel or intermediate for you with other specialists.

Because every problem has its own character please feel free to contact us so we can serve you quickly with the correct advise and/or help:                                            

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