Information-page for building a new Vessel

Are you the adventurer who wants to build his own vessel ?

Everyone who wants to do this mostly already work in building vessels however you cannot do it all by yourself isn't it ??  The better part of my paiting-years i have spent on a shipyard which is highly recommended in the yacht and vessel builders world.


Metal, wood or a synthetics variant, with the right means all these commodities can be prepared to a tight and beautiful result.

Ofcourse you have to make sure it is done properly so in order to prevent that the result is not satisfieing you can always contact me for advise and consultancy or let me take care of the whole project.

 Either on your own location or in our shop there are a lot of possibilities. The challenge in it for me is that i always want to make all those great vessels surrounding us a lot more beautiful and sharper.



 Young, old, Big or small  they all can be as beautiful as ever and.......

If you build it right it will stay beautiful a long time!

If you need any information as soon as possible please feel free to;
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