We all know that on the water great accidents donot occur that much but there will allways be circumstances which cannot be prevented.

 In the case below it did happen to the proud captain of the M.Y. Bora. after a big restauration-job  / refit he could parade again over the Dutch canals and waterways and could be present at the great Sail - event.

Another captain who came in from behind and didnot pay atttention hit the rearside of  MY. Bora. After a telephonecall from the captain of M.Y. Bora i went by to take inventory of the damage and already could reassure him on the spot that the damage could be repaired very good because i had easy access and so it was possible to uphold the protection of the yacht for the winterperiod.

Below a report of the work done for the damage.  


 The damage as found. Thoroughly clean, tape the surrounding parts and rough sanddown the damage area.

Shape down with a 2 components filler, sanddown  precisely, even again with 2component filler, sanddown again with fine sandpaper and clean it thoroughly.


Rustprotected  undercoating in 3 fluently layers.

Sanddown lightly, clean again and paint 2 times with the needed paint.


 unpacked again and a good result!

 The above report is only a small part of all possible solutions which can occur with different cases of damage.

Either by own fault or other influences, a case of damage is ofcourse always unwanted.It can, however,  be a great advantage if this damage can be fixed on location with less amount of costs. It is always an advantage if the vessel doesnot have to leave the water and very often after half a day of work you can travel on again. Also the materialcosts stay low and ofocurse the vessel is protected properly for wintertime. 

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